Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gourmet Chips

Craving for chips but tired of the usual Pringles or Ruffles, I bought a bag of Red Rock Deli Potato Chips from Candy Empire. The bright green and pretty packaging instantly caught my eye as I scanned through racks of imported snacks. Lime and black pepper! Not the boring, though still delicious, sour cream or BBQ flavours. The unique flavour tempted my taste buds and I could not resist not getting a bag of these Australian chips.

The texture was kind of similar to Lays and the lime flavour was certainly pleasant. However, I could not really taste the black pepper. At $6.50 for a 200g bag, it is certainly not cheap but still worth trying. It's great for impressing friends during get-togethers and with an ice-cold beer.

Chew on this: It claims to be slowly cooked in sunflower oil and contains less fat than regular chips.

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