Monday, May 22, 2006


Wonder what it means by corn-fed if you happen to pick up a nice cut of beef at one of those supermarkets? Well, this hungry cow certainly wishes to be corn-fed with such good-tasting corn.

My sister picked up this bag of tortilla chips ($2 promotion) from Marks & Spencer. Lightly salted, the 100% white corn tortillas were eaten with a bowl of home-made salsa. I simply love the crunchy bite everytime I chomp on one. If eaten on its own, the corn lends a deft flavour with a slight sweetness.

For people who like Ruffles, due to its thicker and crunchier texture, I feel that tortillas may just be on par if not a better choice. So while you go on considering which tastes better, I'm going to grab another bag.

Chew on This: These chips are great with red wine. Instead of just cheese platters and cut fruits, tortillas should also be selected.

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Peishan Y. said...

All hail tortillas! :D