Monday, April 10, 2006

Virgin Entry

This is my first post and what a better time to start than around my birthday! Firstly, a brief introduction. This hungry cow is food-crazy and grazing, or eating, is a passion. I first gained the four-stomach capacity back in 1994 and with it, celebrated a decade of solid eating two years ago. A versatile eater who enjoys both hawker food as well as more indulgent stuff at restaurants, I constantly trot around seeking more gratification. It is this intimate passion for food and eating that lays the foundation for this blog. From market places, road-side stalls, hawker centers, foodcourts, restaurants, cafes, hotels, small secluded eateries to infinity, one cow shall rule them all. *evil moo*

Please do note that reviews posted here are based on my personal tastes and opinions, but then again you do already know that ya?

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